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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin


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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin





Loyola Institute Scholarships
Scholarship Name Loyola Institute Scholarships
Academic Year 2021
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 31 May 2021

The Loyola Institute at Trinity offers several scholarships to Trinity students.

Scholarships for applicants to the MPhil in Christian theology

1. Loreto Education Trust Scholarship For MPhil in Christian Theology

2. Loyola Trust Scholarship for Teachers

3. Loyola Trust Scholarships

4. Sean O'Riordan Scholarship

5. The Dominic Barberi Studentship

6. Sisters Angèle-Marie Littlejohn and Bibiane Leclercq Scholarship (African Women)

7. Constantia Maxwell Postgraduate Scholarship

Scholarship For Ph.D. Research

1. Ph.D. Scholarship in Catholic Theology

Each of these scholarships have their own application timelines and eligibility criteria.

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