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Alpha Scholars Programme
Scholarship Name Alpha Scholars Programme
Academic Year 2021
Scholarship amount 50% reduction of tuition fees
Nationality Any

The Alpha Scholars programme offers scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees to both British and International students who can demonstrate academic brilliance and leadership qualities. 

Are you…

Interested in becoming a leader and change-maker?

Articulate, confident with strong analytical and numeracy skills?

Someone who is flexible, open minded with a strong team ethic?

A driven and ambitious GCSE student who is predicted a minimum of 9 A grades? (exceptions will be considered)

DLD College London is offering a unique programme of study that will develop the strengths of our most capable students who are eager to become change-makers and leaders. In addition to dedicated lessons, tailored co-curricular provision will be delivered through academically focussed activities that foster independent and collaborative learning, soft skills and higher-order thinking.

Leadership is about doing the right thing. As simple as that sounds, the advent of globalisation has meant that organisations and societies are enveloped in exponential change that needs to be navigated by well-informed, bright minds. The world is full of choice and opportunities that should be embraced not feared

Key Facts

  • Up to the equivalent of 10 places may be given annually to both internal and new entrants
  • The scholarships are a non means-tested fee remission. The maximum scholarship awarded in respect of any one student is 50% reduction of tuition fees.
  • The Alpha Scholars Programme runs for a duration of two-years
  • Scholars will attend the full enrichment programme in addition to academic lessons. These will include: seminars, charity projects, educational visits, entrepreneurial activities, lectures, rotating tutorials
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Le service de SI-UK est rapide, fiable et efficace - leurs consultants sont des spécialistes, travaillant en étroite collaboration avec toutes les universités britanniques; grâce aux conseils de mes consultants et à l'aide à la candidature, j'ai pu obtenir des offres des universités les mieux classées.

Carla Termini Kings College London, MBA

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